About us

Production of books, comics, magazines, and company catalogs. And then, again, business cards, cards, brochures, leaflets, and posters. Fast Edit is this and much more. A graphics industry specialized in publishing that for over 25 years combines craftsmanship with new technologies.

An exciting story that began in 1993

When from a copy shop in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) three guys attempted the adventure. Among them, the only one still left on the field today: Enio Gabrielli, for everyone Nando. The idea, still current, is to combine the offset printing technique for publishing with the speed of copying. It was not by chance that the chosen name was "Fast Edit".

An ambitious and visionary project, which would have been feasible only if the entire production process had been "internalized": from prepress, to offset printing, up to the bookbinding department. Ambitious and visionary, in fact, so much so that at the time someone thought they were... crazy.

But the adventure starts with determination. The first investments were in Apple Macintosh computers, Hercules film developers, Heidelberg offset presses, as well as an Aurelia Bicolor 70 100 format. From there, without stopping, always at the forefront. With a pinch of healthy craziness.

Until the new Komori Impremia is29, the latest addition. And another idea a bit out of line, given the times; the purchase of a part of the former Mondadori Paper factory in Ascoli Piceno, alongside the headquarters of Acquaviva Picena: what better place for the "queen" of the machines?

So, in parallel with the main activity, there is a wide range of other services: cardboard packaging (cases and boxes) in small batches and fidelity cards in cardboard or polypropylene/PVC, window decals, commercial banners, large format UV printed panels (with large format plotter) and also shaped (with cutting plotter).


Quality of results and customer satisfaction have been the priority for thirty years in Fast Edit, precious fruits of balanced alchemy of values, consisting of a natural propensity to technological innovation, always supported by experience and artisanal solutions, driven by a constant search for excellence in materials, without ever forgetting respect for the environment, supported by a continuous updating of technicians to make execution faster, safer work without ever neglecting the quality of the result, continuously monitored with the most sophisticated technologies and the expert eye of managers and technicians, as in the most consolidated tradition of typographical art.


In the offset printing phase, we can produce all these thanks to the latest generation of machines, including two Heildebergs, the first company in the world in the production of machinery for the graphic and paper industry. In this sense, Fast Edit boasts several "records": it was the first between Marche and Abruzzo to use this technology with unique implications.